Are you taking advantage of any of these great resources for SugarCRM solution providers and developers? From Webhooks to our License API, learn about some of the many great features that you get with SugarOutfitters.

7 Goodies That You May Not Know About

  1. License API
    Ensure that users are paying for your software, make it easy to buy additional seats, and more.
  2. Webhooks
    Learn how to automate your sales and support processes with SugarOutfitters Webhooks.
  3. Conversations
    Keep up-to-date with all of your conversations with the Conversations Tool.
  4. Reseller Program
    A fleet of companies ready to sell your software. Have your own storefront? Keep an additional 10% by becoming a reseller.
  5. Advertising, SEO, and more
    Learn more about what we do to help promote your solutions.
  6. View Your Customers
    Under the Customers menu item, you can see current purchase statuses, check latest license key usage stats to ensure they are up and running, and more.
  7. Developer Tips and Add-on Reviews
    From best practices to featured add-ons, keep an eye on the blog for the latest SugarCRM dev tips and reviews.