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New Feature: Conversations

Posted by on March 5, 2013

Since we launched back in September we've been working fast and furious to build the perfect marketplace for the SugarCRM ecosystem. Being a two-person team we've had to choose carefully what to work on and when to work on it. During this hustle and bustle some actions on SugarOutfitters, such as someone leaving a review or verifying an add-on works, silently slipped by the sellers without notice because we did not send emails or provide a feed to see this information. To fix this we've launched a new feature: Conversations. With Conversations you can efficiently view and discuss activity on SugarOutfitters that is relevant to you.

In the past few days if you've logged into your SugarOutfitters account you may have noticed the new link in the header and in your member options.

The first important feature of Conversations is the feed (above). You can now view a list of all the actions that have happened on the site that are relevant to you. If you're a seller you can see reviews, ratings, verifications, questions and comments across all of your add-ons in a single feed. This makes it easy to digest what's happening with your modules as well as and making the process of keeping up with your customers and leads very efficient.

Want to view a list of all support cases? There's a filter for that.

With the launch of Conversations, sellers are informed via email anytime a member leaves a comment, creates a rating & review, verifies an add-on works, asks a questions. Not only are they notified, but they are now able to kick-off a private conversation between themselves and the member to discuss the issue at hand. If someone leaves a negative verification or review, the seller now has an opportunity to follow up with that member to try his/her best to fix the issue for the member and turn it into a positive experience.

If you haven’t already, login or register and check out the new Conversations feature.