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Need a landing page for your next campaign? A way for your customers to create support cases? Do your sales reps need a way to enter leads? With WebToModule you can create custom webforms for these any many other uses. Supports all modules, including custom modules.

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Create Custom Forms

WebToModule provides a simple way to allow visitors to fill out forms that then becomes a record for any module in your SuiteCRM instance. Whether you need to embed this form in a website or use it as a standalone site, you have the power to do that with WebToModule.

Unlike basic leads forms that may only for the lead specific field. But what if your customer base is different and you need them to add data in specified module, Here we come into existence, By our web to module, You can create a web form for any built-in or custom module in your SuiteCRM, so you will have customer specific, personalized information about the data you are capturing for your customer. Having this information helps your business to get more qualified and accurate data in your CRM. other then this there are many features equipped with this webtomodule as below.


  • Supports Built-in and custom modules
  • Supports default workflow
  • Auto-Response Email Notification
  • Configure duplicate checking on the specified field.
  • Fully HTML5 based WebForms
  • Leverage to choose custom fields for the WebForms
  • Google reCaptcha for prevent spamming
  • Allow records to Create / Update
  • Assign record to specific user
  • Assign record to security groups
  • Ability to collect documents

Easy Install & Setup through wizard

We provide an easy to use the wizard to create your custom web forms along with a User Guide

How Webtomodule works see in Action

Custom webform for SugarCRM

Supports All Modules

Now you can create a form for any module, including your custom modules. When a visitor fills out your form their information is automatically entered into the selected module in SugarCRM.

New form submissions

Also Supports Workflows

Want to automate some processes after someone submits a form? Using your favorite workflow tool, you can automate processes, timers, etc as you normally would.

Easy Install & Setup

We provide an easy to use wizard to create your custom web forms along with a 9User Guide](/docs/webtomodule/user-guide).

SugarCRM Webform Configuration

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