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Need a landing page for your next campaign? A way for your customers to create support cases? Do your sales reps need a way to enter leads? With WebToModule you can create custom webforms for these any many other uses. Supports all modules, including custom modules.

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#4734 Trying to install trial to 12.2.0 - Installation attempt for Sugar 12.2.0 - will be upgraded to 12.3.0 next week - Is there a different Closed Installation
#4702 Can I have the install package for 12.2 - Please can you supply us with the install package for Sugar 12.2 we only have access up to Sugar 11 Closed Installation
#4578 Validation error after upgrade to Web To Module 4.8 - Hello Support, can you help us to resolve the validation issue? Our SugarCRM version is 10.0.5. Wh ICT Office Closed Installation
#4568 Upload multiple files - Hi, does this support th latest version of Sugar (11.1)? Also, can the form support multiple file a Sugabyte Closed General Question
#4342 Checking whether this works with our site - We have a form that submits data to sugar, we then have other fields that need updating by someone e michael10 Closed General Question
#4322 WebToModule to Web site Wordpress - I was able to create a WebToModule for our lead records, and it works well. All of the fields (both alhauf Closed General Question
#4243 I dont want this - I installed this for test and I dont want. I tested and I didnt like. My credit card have a paymen alexandre1 Closed General Question
#4071 Use keys on textfield when creating form - Hello, When I'm creating a form, if I use the left or right arrow key on a textfield, instea Pbeirao Closed Bug?
#4062 Create two Modules on a single form - Hello, Is it possible to create for example a contact and an opportunity on the same form? This w Pbeirao Closed Feature
#4061 Dynamic dropdown does not work - Hello, I have installed Web to Module (Version 4.8) and when I create a form with dynamic dropdow Pbeirao Closed Bug?
#4060 Captcha Problem - Hello, I have installed Web to Module (Version 4.8) and when I create a form, the Captcha does no Pbeirao Closed General Question
#4059 Create button does not work - Hello, I have installed Web to Module (Version 4.8) and when I try to Create Web To Module, by cl Pbeirao Closed General Question
#4007 opportunity - Dear All, we are using your WEBTOMODULE to collect impressions and feedback from our customers: t oleron64 Closed Feature
#3878 Errors and how to - I want to collect data for the leads module and have users select products, via a drop down list fro BradLohoar Closed Bug?
#3869 Getting Database Failure msg when try to save a form - I purchased and installed WebToModule. When I go to create a form, it goes through all steps, but a dlraney Closed Bug?
#3806 More customization withing forms - Will you be able to add features such as dependent drop downs when prior selections are made? I' erymer Closed Feature
#3739 SugarCRM 8 - Does this work on Sugar 8, like it says? ,or am I going to waste my time again. If it does, will BradLohoar Closed General Question
#3715 Many-to-many relationship from form - Hi, There is a way to create many-to-many relationship between two modules from web form, Specific felipesilvaluco Closed Feature
#3710 Relate new record to Account - Is it possible to automatically relate a new record created by the Web To Module form to an existing chris15 Closed General Question
#3653 "Save Form" not generating template - When done creating a new form, and after publishing, the button to "Save Form" does not le Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed Bug?
#3481 Create a note from a comment rather than a file upload? - Is it possible to create a NOTE in the lead's history from a comment (text box) on the form? I rhsfit Closed Feature
#3456 No access, contact your administrator - Hi, we have implemented the form in our website. However, there is an error message "No access. Marco Moen Closed General Question
#3198 Do you support Drop down fields and multi select fields? - Hi There, We need a web to lead form, where the form needs to have multiple drop downs and multi peterdonnelly Closed Feature
#3151 Field "Assigned To" with value "blank" after lead creation - Field "Module auto-response template", how to change the sender? - Hello, we have created different web to module with versione 2.x and 3.x but the problem is the sam ICT Office Closed Bug?
#3067 System crash after installing module - Installing this module cased the system to crash, error 500. PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined m Highrank Closed Bug?
#3028 Change Post URL content - Hello, it's possible change the content of Post URL field? If yes, how? Thanks. ICT Office Closed General Question
#2753 Can I please get a refund? - The module doesn't want to work with my install - can you please refund my account. Please l gkodikara Closed Bug?
#2716 New Ideas - Hi, when the form push the Records in a Sugar Instance, it would be great to have: - Parent fi Pietro Sacchi Closed Feature
#2713 Saving form on 6 - Hi , i'm trying your module on behalf of my custmer. The plugin works flawlessy but when i Pietro Sacchi Closed Bug?
#2471 Attachments via Web-to-Lead form - Dear Urdhvatech, is it possible to upload attachment files with your module? I'd like that my Lion Solution Closed Feature
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