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See everything about related records without having to leave what you are working on. On a Contact and want to see the Account information? Just click the preview-eye button to see a preview. Works with all modules that are not in BWC mode.

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Quickly display related information in the sidepanel

Now you can access all relevant information with just a click while still maintaining oversight of your currently viewed entry.
pvView makes use of the already available right preview pane of SugarCRM and reduces the time needed for quick look-ups massively.

pvView giving quick access to related data




Default record view - spiced up with our quick preview buttons.

pvView displayed on record view in SugarCRM


Offering you access to all related info you'll ever need!

pvView preview opened in SugarCRM

Self Hosted and On Demand

Works great on any hosting service including Sugar's On Demand.
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  • "All our employees are happy with pvView! Previewing related records greatly increases visibility."

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