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See everything about related records without having to leave what you are working on. On a Contact and want to see the Account information? Just click the preview-eye button to see a preview. Works with all modules that are not in BWC mode.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3339 Create record Mode - Can this plugin work in "create mode view"? Pietro Sacchi Closed Feature
#3295 Plugin not working on or 7.9.x - Hi Olaf, Can you let us know if the plugin works with versions 7.8.x and above. If not would we jamesaforde Closed Bug?
#3178 Flex Relate - hi, i need an information if this module works with "flex related" field like meeting module (r Pietro Sacchi Closed Feature
  • "All our employees are happy with pvView! Previewing related records greatly increases visibility."

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