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A healthy email open-rate ranges from 20-40%, whereas SMS messages see an open-rate of 99%, with 97% opened in the first 15 minutes. MoceanAPI. Let the platform broadcast SMS to your customers in the most impactful way.

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Deliver Your Messages Across the Globe. Fast and Effortlessly.

While sending emails to customers can be effective, you risk your message ending up in a spam folder, never to be seen again.

MoceanAPI SMS Broadcast integration allows SugarCRM users to send SMS (text messages) worldwide. With this plugin, you can send SMS to everyone in your Accounts, Contacts or Leads with just one click.

Understand your SMS Campaigns

Not only does MoceanAPI for SugarCRM provide the means to send SMS blasts, but it measures the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign through our SMS delivery report in our user-friendly dashboard

Access SMS delivery details, such as whether messages failed, or even cross-check analytics with your own data. For example, sending a Coupon Code and measuring how many were claimed.

Sending Messages with Mocean API

Send SMS

  1. Navigate to Accounts or Contacts or Leads

  2. Click on MoceanAPI Icon

send-sms 1.PNG

  1. Compose the SMS message you'd like to send

send-sms 2.PNG

Send Bulk SMS

  1. Navigate to Accounts or Contacts or Leads

  2. Select the records you want to send SMS to

bulk sms 1.PNG

  1. Click on Send Bulk SMS

bulk sms 2.PNG

  1. Compose the SMS message you'd like to send to your contacts

bulk sms 3.PNG

  1. Click on Send SMS


See here for pricing details. It is priced per SMS.

Get 20 FREE trial SMS credits upon registration (subject to approval) to test if our service would be a good fit for you.

Notes & Requirements

For specific requests and customizations, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for development consideration.

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