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Mautic, the best open source marketing automation tool, fully integrated with SugarCRM. Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate efforts between marketing and sales? The Mautic & SugarCRM Integrator by eVolpe can help you solve this issue. This integration will help you gain full control over all stages of your customer journey.

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The SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe

The SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe is made for all the companies currently deploying or already using both of the systems.

Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate efforts between marketing and sales? The SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe is the best solution that can help you solve that issue.

Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation tools offers coherence of actions and comfort of working on only one data base. As a result of SugarCRM and Mautic integration you will also gain full control over your company’s image at all stages of the Customer Journey!

Basic functions offered by the SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator:

Synchronization of personal records

Leads, Contacts and Prospects in SugarCRM are becoming fully synchronized with Contacts in Mautic. The synchronization is bilateral. Contacts in Mautic are being automatically pushed to SugarCRM and saved as Leads every time the action "Push Contact to integration" is being used by form, points trigger or campaign.

Merging history of operations on records

The whole history of operations saved in both systems is being merged and unified.

Duplicate prevention

Real time synchronization prevents creation of duplicates in both systems. This function also helps to avoid repetitions in tasks of sales and marketing.

Scoring control

SugarCRM users can easily control the scoring granted to their customers as a result of marketing actions analyzed by Mautic.

Advanced automatization

Integrator by eVolpe allows adjustment of actions in SugarCRM (for example scheduling a phone call) after gaining a certain amount of points in Mautic (added for opening e-mails, clicking links, downloading assets etc.).

Target lists’ synchronization

Transfer of lists created in SugarCRM helps to run dedicated marketing campaigns in Mautic.

Switching between systems

Thanks to contextual links in SugarCRM, with just one click you are able to preview the equivalent record in Mautic.

Flexible, self-configured

Mapping of specific fields in Mautic and SugarCRM allows simple and self-reliant configuration.

Simple marketing analytics

The Reports module in SugarCRM significantly improves analytical abilities of Mautic. Thanks to combining functions of both the systems it’s possible to analyze every aspect of performed operations.

Integration of E-mails

This function is available for customers using the Enterprise edition of SugarCRM. All the E-mails sent with Mautic are being archived also in SugarCRM under individual personal records.

One of the world’s largest training companies – Miller Heiman Group – in their „2016 Best Sell Practices” research puts cooperation among Marketing and Sales on top of the list of most profitable activities in modern enterprises. Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation is an excellent way to standardize communication between the two departments. It helps to simplify repetitive actions and to build a positive, consistent image of the company.

As a result of the SugarCRM and Mautic integration the company receives:

Two-way merge of information

Mautic information in Sugar

360° view of Customer – Company relations

Marketing activities in Sugar

Advanced automation of repetitive tasks

Mautic campaign

Duplicate detection

Duplicate detection

Extensive analytical capabilities from Mautic in Sugar

Extensive analytical capabilities

Flexibility of configuration according to your own needs

Flexibility of configuration

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