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Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate efforts between marketing and sales? The Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe is the best solution that will help you solve this issue. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!

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  • Add-on Rating
    6:20 am April 1st, 2020 | share link

    Works very well.

    Support has been very respectful and fast, when it was required.

  • Add-on Rating
    10:53 am April 6th, 2017 | share link

    This works brilliantly! It's exactly what we were looking for. Thanks a lot!

  • Add-on Rating
    10:49 am July 25th, 2017

    ANy news??

    1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group member avatar

      eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

      4 years ago

      Hello pau!

      The integrator is constantly developed and as soon as we have a new version, we update it on the portal.

      What do you want exactly to know?

      Best regards, eVolpe Team

  • Add-on Rating
    1:48 am December 10th, 2017

    They way I see it is if I can't even install it, I'm not reaching out to support. I know from the get-go that this plugin isn't for me.

    There are two packages in this tool. One plugin for Mautic, and one for SuiteCRM.

    The full & complete instructions for the SuiteCRM plugin are: is a standard Sugar package that should be installed via Module Loader

    That's it. Tried three times, and it froze each time.

    The default plugin for SugarCRM can work, just needs a bit of work. I'll revisit this down the road, and change my review if I can get it to work.

    1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group member avatar

      eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

      4 years ago

      Hello sugaroutfitters2!

      Can you tell me what your versions of Mautic and Sugar or Suite are?

      How about the possibility of a shared remote session to help you install it?

      Best regards, eVolpe Team

  • Add-on Rating
    5:09 pm February 28th, 2017

    Only works with Mautic version up to 2.5.1 which was released 4 Jan 2017.
    Does not work with 2.6.0 or 2.6.1 without some extensive guesswork / hacking.
    There is one change made in the Mautic core which is not upgrade safe.
    The actual Mautic plugin is upgrade safe but in order to make it work you have to hack the core which is not upgrade safe.
    The change is minor but there are no comments what the change is supposed to do and the file that's hacked has changed extensively in v2.6 & v2.6.1 and so its not at all obvious to make the change in the new version. So far we have not yet gotten it to work with 2.6.1. Mautic and SuiteCRM v7.8.2. But we will write more here when I have. We will also update the stars. In the moment its just 1.5 stars unfortunately. But the effort put in to make these 2 play together is 5 stars. We just need to get it to work now and then we update this.
    No sorry, this plugin is only half backed in the moment. There is a missing file "Error: File [modules/ev_MarketingCampaigns/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing. Unable to create because no corresponding HTML file was found." when we are trying to create a marketing campaign. Can't get it to work. Great idea. But sorry no go.

    1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group member avatar

      eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

      5 years ago

      Dear staffcheck, Thank you for your feedback. Let me answer your concerns as well as I can for this moment: 1. Mautic plugin issues: • As for the issue of Mautic 2.6.1 not working, we are aware of that and addressed it in the available documentation (Section: Introduction) which states that, for now the integration plugin requires Mautic 2.5.1. Of course we plan to upgrade our plugin to newer version in upcoming release, and keep it up to date with future Mautic upgrades. However, since Mautic is developed very rapidly and provides new releases so often, we may sometimes skip some in between versions, especially since we are currently working on multiple additional features for the integration peace itself. • As for the NOT-UPGRADE-SAFE file in Mautic plugin, it is also mentioned in the documentation (Section: Installation-Guilde) that, because of some Mautic internal bugs, we had to overwrite it in order to make sure that events regarding Points Adjustments can be properly captured. As we have yet to upgrade our plugin to 2.6.1 I cannot tell you for sure, but it seems from our preliminary check, that Mautic has had this issue fixed so probably there will be no need for this not-upgrade-safe change in future releases for 2.6.1. 2. Sugar/Suite plugin issues: • Current version of Mautic Integration has been released for SugarCRM 7.6 and higher and has not yet been fully developed and tested on SuiteCRM/SugarCRM CE. However we are currently working on our last changes for those systems, so next release will make it possible. • The issue mentioned by you of missing editviewdefs file is actually something a bit different then it seems. Both new modules: Marketing Campaigns and Activities are not supposed to be edited in Sugar, but READ-ONLY. The creation of those records should be fully managed by the integration itself when those records are created in Mautic. IT IS our fault that in this first release we have left Admins with permissions to edit this modules, although if you login as a normal user you should not be able to do this, but, of course, we will fix this issue in next release. However it should not make it impossible to use the integration as intended for now and test it capabilities. Thank you again for the feedback, all promised fixes and features will be released in around 2 weeks. If you have any other further questions or issues we will be happy to help you with them in the meantime, and hope that, if not these answers, then next release will deserve a higher grade from you

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