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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4692 Sync not working to CRM - Good morning, We have installed your plugin and leads & companies are being successfully jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#4464 filter contact type - Hello, we have multiple type of contacts in our SugarCRM 8 pro. We need only to be synced contacts aojeda Closed General Question
#4390 Mautic V3 - Hi, Now that Mautic are actively supporting V3.x and not V2.x could you please confirm this plug Discovery-Dave Closed General Question
#4382 Sync problems - Greetings, We are trying your Integrator in our development environment, and during the test phas sistemas8 Closed Bug?
#4366 Need to reinstall CRM Plugin - I need to reinstall the plugin because after Change CRM Database Collation, leads from Mautic not ha HelpDeskWittel Closed General Question
#4346 Unable to complete setup - Hi, I took the trial of your CRM Mautic Integrator. Followed all steps but in the CRM Plugin s tp Closed Installation
#4281 Sync Contacts from Mautic to SuiteCRM not Working - Hi for all...Someone could help me? We starting to use SuiteCRM+Mautic in aws, and I folowed inst HelpDeskWittel Closed Installation
#4260 Confirmation of versions - Would you please confirm the plugin works for Mautic 2.15.3 The connector only goes to 2.15.2 BradLohoar Closed Installation
#4024 Error on saving existing records in mautic - Hello, I get the following error message when saving some existing contact in mautic after adding a S_K Closed Bug?
#4003 Contacts and Leads on SuiteCRM 7.11.0 Error 500 after upgrade on Evolpe - Contacts and Leads on SuiteCRM 7.11.0 Error 500 after upgrade on Evolpe latest version If I Disa george2 Closed Bug?
#3980 Contacts do not sync in either direction - Hi, We are having an issue whereby contacts are not syncing in either direction. Everything ap jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#3956 SuiteCRM Scheduler Job for TargetList Sync not in Scheduler Dropdown List - Hello, I installed the Mautic Integrator 3.8.179 in SuiteCRM 7.10. I now try to set up the job for t kinamu Closed Bug?
#3933 Compatibility with SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Community edition - Hello, We are looking to use Mautic with SuiteCRM and I would like to know if it is compatible. jonnie00 Closed General Question
#3884 Incompatibility under onDemand instances (SugarCloud) - Hi, We have a customer very interested in your plugin for SugarCRM. The instance is hosted on S redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#3870 Wanted to includes the custom parameters that needs to sync up with SugarCRM - Hello Sir, Greetings of the day! We are trying to extend the eVolpe Mautic and SugarCRM plugi biju Closed General Question
#3745 Accounts Integration - Is there a way I can also do an account integration along with Contacts, Leads or Targets. SugarCRM chintu Closed General Question
#3741 Unable to link Marketing Activity - I have managed to sync the campaigns synced but cant get the Marketing activity synced. I am using chintu Closed Bug?
#3677 LINK to generate access tokens in suiteCRM - Hi, I have tried generate token from the "SET CONNECTOR PROPERTIES". I have also add a API Reeta Closed Bug?
#3666 Integration with SuiteCRM 7.9.7 & Mautic 2.12.0 - Hi has this been done yet? MrB Closed Bug?
#3665 Can not get Token Expiration Date. - Hello, I am integrated the evolpe mautic integrator in SuiteCRM but it will stuck at 64%. Altough Reeta Closed General Question
#3649 Authorization failed - Dear Support, Installed Mautic plugin inside of Mautic while configuring suiteCRM credentials to ev biju Closed Installation
#3629 Marketing Activities Problem - Hi, after having the problem that I listed before with the API credentials (thanks for the assistanc mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#3621 Incorrect Access Token in SuiteCRM log files - Hi, have been getting the following FATAL errors in my SuiteCRM log file Fri Mar 23 08:13:39 2018 mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#3540 Stalled on Authorize stage - HI, trying to configure the integrator between my SuiteCRM installation and Mautic. It is stalled at mpeet1 Closed Installation
#3539 CRON jobs error - Hi I've attempted to create all the CRON jobs specified but when I attempt to run the job I get mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#3468 Integration with SuiteCRM 7.9.7 & Mautic 2.12.0 - Hi, thanks for this integration. I'm trying to configure this with SuiteCRM 7.9.7 & Maut contact7 Closed General Question
#3446 Run and get this error - php app/console mautic:evolpe:sync EVolpe Sync Start Count: 0 Mautic\PluginBundle\Helper\Integrat danieljordan Closed General Question
#3444 Sugar Cloud - Not possible to load the module to the Sugar Cloud Paket-Scan-Richtlinien File Probleme modu danieljordan Closed Installation
#3395 Simple marketing analytics - How to save all the reports generated in Mautic also in the CRM system (as Read-Only file). sumanth Closed General Question
#3383 Set copied files ownership - Hi, I have performed the formula mentioned in documentation but getting error like syntax of the co rvemula Closed General Question
#3375 Not able to see the plugin in Mautic - HI Team, We have took free trail of this plugin, and we are able to install plugin at suitecrm .. deekshashetty.kadapa Closed Bug?
#3372 Compatibility with Mautic 2.9 / 2.10 and Sugar 7.8.2 / 7.9.x - Hello eVolpe, we have a Sugar customer who would like to introduce Mautic and connect to their Su Thomas_MG Closed General Question
#3107 Mautic Activity in SuiteCRM Marketing Activities Subpanel not Showing - I can see that the data from leads/contacts.accounts in SuiteCRM have imported to the mautic history Glen407 Closed Bug?
#3042 Licensing question - The pricing for this plug states $120 per year, per user. We would like to know how a "user&q powersn Closed General Question
#3027 Not able to sync from Mautic to SuiteCRM - Followed the steps in your documentation. Integrated this plugin in Mautic and SuiteCRM. When edi aravinth Closed Bug?
#3000 Tables missing in Mautic - Hi, We have just tried installing and configuring the Mautic connector with Sugar Ent (Mautic 2. mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#2905 Bug report and request for fix - Dear guys, My 2 cents and please advice / fix. Only works with Mautic version up to 2.5.1 which wa staffcheck Closed Bug?
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