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Log in to SugarCRM as other users. See exactly what the impersonated user sees without the need to share or reset passwords. Administrators can even delegate sudo privileges to users, roles, and teams. Also compatible with SugarCloud installations using SugarIdentity authentication.

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Log in as SugarCRM users without sharing passwords

Upsert® Sudo for SugarCRM is the flagship offering in our lineup of tools designed to make administering Sugar a breeze. Admins and select users can leverage the sudo plugin to navigate the application as other users, seeing exactly what the impersonated user sees and eliminating the need to share or reset passwords.

Because our solution lets you assign sudo impersonation ability to regular users, teams, or roles, time-consuming tasks like troubleshooting and new-user setup can be delegated to managers and IT staff without giving those users admin access! Upsert® Sudo is even compatible with SugarIdentity-enabled instances.

With Upsert® Sudo, individual users or all users in selected roles or teams can be tapped to have sudo permission. Create a new role for all of your sudo-enabled users, enable sudo for all users on the Management team, or keep all the masquerade fun to yourself by restricting sudo capabilities to admins only.

Upsert® Sudo

Key Benefits

New-User Onboarding

As you introduce new team members to Sugar, you'll leverage Upsert® Sudo to fine tune all of their user-specific configurations, dashboards, and credentials. Managers can rest easy knowing their direct reports see the most relevant data and are tracking the right KPIs. With Upsert Sudo, Sugar admins will mitigate the flood of information that new hires need to consume.

User-Specific Troubleshooting

Your team may encounter issues as they use Sugar; those issues will be escalated to administrators to solve. Because Sugar has robust user-specific configurations and visibility rules, it can be difficult or even impossible to reproduce a user's issue as an administrator. Upsert® Sudo neutralizes this challenge by immediately placing you in the same environment as the user reporting the problem. The result is an expedited path to resolution, saving you troubleshooting time and saving the user additional frustration.

Support Team Enabled

We understand that in your business, there might be non-administrative users who require the capability to perform actions on behalf of others for troubleshooting purposes. Rest assured, our solution offers comprehensive options for granting non-admin access based on user, team, or role. Moreover, if necessary, you can also restrict access specifically to their direct reports.

Impersonate Inactive Users

Starting in v2.1.0, authorized users may sudo inactive users in order to complete workflows and reassign the inactive user's records.

Validation of System Changes

As you adapt your CRM to your business with tools like Studio and Module Builder, validating what your end users experience can be cumbersome. Upsert® Sudo allows administrators to quickly confirm that design changes appear as intended for users in different roles.

Delegating Critical Tasks

You may have a team member who needs to complete a time-sensitive action, but they are not available to access Sugar. They may be at a conference, traveling, or experiencing a disruption of service. Completing the action through Upsert® Sudo as the unavailable user, rather than yourself, ensures that business logic and notifications dependent on that user generate the expected experience for your team and customers.

Tracking Sudo Sessions

Worry free! All sudo sessions are time stamped and can be reviewed by an administrator.

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System Requirements

Upsert® Sudo is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 9.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site
  • Compatible with SugarIdentity

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