by Upsert, LLC

Log in to SugarCRM as other users. See exactly what the impersonated user sees without the need to share or reset passwords. Administrators can even delegate sudo privileges to users, roles, and teams. Also compatible with SugarCloud installations using SugarIdentity authentication.

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Upsert® Sudo is an administrative tool that eliminates the need to share or reset user credentials for a number of common day-to-day operations within Sugar such as:

  • Configuring dashboards, credentials, and other configurations for new Sugar users.
  • Troubleshooting issues that are not generally reproducible by admin users due to roles, teams, or user-specific settings.
  • Validating field and layout changes for users with role restrictions
  • Completing critical tasks on behalf of a user who cannot currently access Sugar

Upsert® Sudo is available to users with a user type of ‘System Administrator User’ and users designated with appropriate access by an administrative user.

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