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Experience unparalleled security with 2FA for Sugar. Our 2-factor authentication feature adds an extra layer of protection to your SugarCRM, making it nearly impossible for potential attackers to access your sensitive data. With our easy-to-use system, there's no need to remember additional information - simply access the authentication app on your mobile device and enter a temporary 6-digit security token for secure and seamless access. Upgrade to 2FA for Sugar today for the ultimate peace of mind in data protection.

Due to the high demand, we have now added a support for Sugar On-Demand. Even if you are using SSO (single sign on) on your Sugar you will still be able to add 2-factor authentication to your Sugar authentication process.

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A Google survey found that 65% of people use the same password for multiple online accounts. If users have more secure, system-generated passwords, chances are they will keep them somewhere publicly accessible. Cyber attackers can test billions of passwords (and counting) every second.

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Why your SugarCRM needs it

If a data breach has not happened yet, it does not mean that it will never happen. Two-factor authentication is a proven way of securing online applications, adopted by all the leading software providers. 2FA for Sugar enables you to stay in line with all the other major companies that implemented this way of additional protection.
2FA for Sugar protects sensitive data
Protect sensitive data

Companies that store and work with sensitive data are advised to lock everything more securely. 2FA for Sugar protects your system by adding an additional layer of security.

2FA for SugarCRM widely accepted
Widely accepted​

The majority of online applications have 2-factor authentication implemented. With Sugar 2FA you can be like Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoho, Slack, QuickBooks, Shopify, PayPal, MailChimp, Twitter, and Basecamp, to name a few.

2FA for SugarCRM credentials agnostic
Credentials agnostic

2FA for Sugar does not read, save, share, or send users’ credentials outside of the SugarCRM application. Credentials are checked using SugarCRM’s default methods for validating credentials. 2FA for Sugar module does not send any piece of data from your SugarCRM to the outside world (except for license key validation).

2FA for SugarCRM software token
Software token factor

2FA for Sugar uses the most convenient and efficient way of adding a second layer of security: tokens generated on your mobile phone by free authentication app. Each user will be required to complete the configuration wizard for their authentication app. Users need to enter a token (6-digit code) generated by the app as part of their login process, after entering their credentials.

2FA for SugarCRM offline support
Offline support

Authentication apps generate time-based tokens for particular users. If you are working from an office with no internet access, the authentication app will still work since it does not require internet connection.

2FA for SugarCRM authentication app
Free mobile authentication apps

There are a number of authentication apps available for all types of mobile phones: ‘Google Authenticator’, ‘Microsoft Authenticator’, ‘LastPass Authenticator’, ‘Authy’. They are all free and trusted applications that can be used with 2FA for Sugar. You can also use any other app (that supports generating time-based tokens) of your choice.


2FA for Sugar adds an extra layer of protection for your SugarCRM. Increase your SugarCRM security today with 2-factor authentication!

Increased security level of your SugarCRM 2FA applications for Android and iOS Unlimited number of users Supports SugarCRM 9.0+ and above Supports On-demand and On-premise installation


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