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Empower your business with the ability to utilize and change runtime filters for saved reports directly in the Saved Reports dashlet. This plugin from Exsitec enables you to add same report to several dashlets where runtime filters is available to reduce the number of reports needed, since it can be accessed by several users with runtime filters set for specific log-ins.

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#4635 - Broken Report

Closed Bug? created by rejov Verified Purchase 6 months ago


one of our user created a Dashboard with several reports. This broke the dashboard because it generated so large json-text. On the dashboard table, the metadata row is defined as a textfield which allows 16777 characters. The runtime filter generated a text which is larger than the allowed size of characters. By saving this, sugarcrm cutted a part of the json string which created a non valid json and this again leads to that the user cant open the report anymore.

I hope i could describe the problem understandable, otherwise feel free to contact me.

Kind regards, Rejo

  1. Exsitec member avatar

    Exsitec Provider Affiliate

    6 months ago

    Hi Rejo,

    Thank you for the good description. We haven't encountered this issue before due to us not having encountered such large dashboards.

    If you are using Sugar version 11.2.x or above, please download the 1.7.5 version of the package, which will extend the dashboard metadata from text (65 565 characters) to mediumtext (16 777 215 characters), which should be more than enough.

    If you are using an earlier version of Sugar, please get back to us and we'll create a separate package for that version.

    Best regards, Per

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