Empower your business with the ability to utilize and change runtime filters for saved reports directly in the Saved Reports dashlet. Add one report to several dashlets to reduce the number of reports needed, since it can be accessed by several users with runtime filters set for specific log-ins.

Highlevel Overview

How many times have you created the same report with different filters, just because you need different filters in the dashboard? Have you ever needed the same report for different users, but the only difference is it should be filtered per different region? These are very time-consuming problems for businesses today, which is why Exsitec developed the SRD Runtime Filtering plugin for SugarCRM.

Manage From Saved Report Dashlet

Now your teams can set up runtime filters directly in your Report dashlet. Thus, the sales department can quickly view figures by varying criteria between different teams, and the executives can easily get a current overview of the business.


In SugarCRM, you have the ability to define runtime filters on reports, meaning you can change the filter condition at any time for saved reports. This allows users to get different datasets for the same report, minimizing the amount of reports needed.

  • Less reports needed
  • Easier to maintain reports
  • Each user can select what to display from the report

To learn more about this solution, go to SRD Runtime Filtering or search for "runtime filters."