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Do you need to send SMS messages from SugarCRM? SendSMS is the right tool for you. It allows sending SMS with ease to any Contact or Lead or even to many recipients at one time from the List View. SendSMS supports Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo SMS Gateways as well as any custom configuration. Communicate better and faster and improve your marketing efforts with SendSMS.

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#4551 - SMS messages do not send

Open Bug? created by adamdiggins 2 years ago


We are testing your Addon and are very keen to purchase however the no SMS messages can be sent, it just says sending SMS (attached SMS error picture)

Our sugar instance has errors coming from your addon

2021-06-28 11:22:49 +00:00 sbx-apx-dmz02 sbx-apx-dmz02 PHP_73_error: [28-Jun-2021 12:22:49 Europe/Dublin] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method DT_SMS_Endpoints::sendbyhttp() in /web_data/php7.3/sbx/SelectCarLeasing/sugar/custom/clients/base/api/DT_SMS_Endpoints.php:363 2021-06-28 11:22:49 +00:00 sbx-apx-dmz02
sbx-apx-dmz02 PHP_73_error: #0 /web_data/php7.3/sbx/SelectCarLeasing/sugar/include/api/RestService.php(289): DT_SMS_Endpoints->SendSMS(Object(RestService), Array)

Are you able to help?

  1. viznet member avatar

    viznet Provider

    2 years ago

    Hello Thanks for giving a try to SendSMS. Can you reach out via email so that we can arrange a support ? Please send your contact details to


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