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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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#1020 - How to Display Drawing Field in PDF Templates

Closed Feature created by donkennedy Verified Purchase 7 years ago

I'm sure I'm not going to be the first person to ask this, as given that you've created an awesome plugin that TONS of people in the SugarCE community have been waiting for, many others are going to want to know how to do this as well.

Especially those who are using Quote and Invoice modules like AOS from SalesAgility. This drawing plugin would be the perfect companion to allow signature for proposals, invoices and contracts. I've been able to place drawing fields easily into AOS Quotes and Invoices, but for some reason, those drawing fields, while showing up beautifully on the screen, will not print on the various PDF templates. I've attempted a variety of strategies and methods to insert the drawing field ... the point it will even allocate a large blank square the size of the field... just no drawing shows up.

Maybe the problem is with AOS, so I tried creating a simple PDF report using AlienalSol's reporting module. Nothing comes out in PDF form either.

My guess is that there is something special that needs to be done to get an "image field" to carry over to a PDF. Can you point me in the right direction?

If we can get this working for AOS, I think you will have many folks who will want this plugin, as there have been many posting on the board asking for this functionality.



  1. Captivea member avatar

    Thanks for letting us know such a great feature. I'll have to discuss with our engineer team as it is true that Image field is not supported in CE we had to bypass that to let our module works even in CE (first version was Pro Only)

    The case will remain open until I see if we are able to improve this and will post back here results from our team.

    Again Don, many thanks for your great feedbacks.

  2. PCSTORM member avatar

    PCSTORM Verified Purchase

    7 years ago

    Would also really like this feature - Also using SuiteCRM - when can we expect this?


  3. Captivea member avatar

    Hi Cornel,

    This feature requires to patch/updates AOS and we can't bunddle any AOS file inside the core package, and we would need to be able to know the AOS version used. Mr Kennedy finally subscribes to an extra developpement quote to let our engineer team do the work for him.

    If you're interested for a quote, please reach us at

  4. donkennedy member avatar

    donkennedy Verified Purchase

    7 years ago

    Just so everyone is aware, the modification that Yannick at Captivea did to allow the drawing field to work with AOS Invoices and Quotes works great. In total, it is a much less expensive solution than the other solutions out there if all you need is a basic signature capture.

    • Captivea member avatar

      Thanks for your feedback Don, and sorry to have not reply to your last email. March has been a busy month with all new SugarCRM certifications to process (juste passed the third and last one that missed to my collection ;) )

      Will come back to you ASAP

  5. micahyarborough member avatar

    micahyarborough Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    I havent recieved a response to my repeated emails to also purchase this feature for over a year. About to abandon for something else. :( Sad because it would serve us perfectly, but we cant continue to wait for a response from support.

  6. donkennedy member avatar

    donkennedy Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    MIchah, You could attempt to contact Bill Nguyen at ... as he has helped me with this plugin even though he didn't write it. Bill's Skype id is "youaddon" and it is the quickest way to contact him. Or you can email him at Don

  7. donkennedy member avatar

    donkennedy Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    Also, here is a picture showing it working in SugarCE in Edit view, QuickCRM and the generated PDF. It works for both Quote and Invoice modules. enter image description here

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