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#2019 - Oracle ODBC?

Closed Installation created by jpaul 8 years ago

Has this been tested with Oracle ODBC? I'm not terribly familiar with using ODBCs, and am having trouble getting the right components installed and showing up available in ETLS.

  1. infospectrum member avatar

    infospectrum Provider

    8 years ago

    Oracle ODBC setup requires proper driver installation and a detailed example of the components and installation steps can be found at [] ( The last paragraph in the example covers configuration issues and offers help on how to resolve them.
    When you get to the proper ODBC administration panel, please add a File DSN _instead _of a System DNS - then point to the File DSN as a Data Source in ETLSetup (DemoAccess.config and DemoExcel.config in ETLSetup use such File DSN as Data Sources).

    Thanks for you inquiry and hope this helps.

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