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An ETL tool that works with all editions offering fast data uploads using the latest SugarCRM API methods. Designed to synchronize your existing applications data with both standard and custom SugarCRM modules.

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Extract - Transform - Load

A Windows based tool that extracts data from various database sources, as well as cloud-based CSV and Spreadsheet files.


Load module records in all SugarCRM editions (6.x-9.x) using a RESTful web service with the latest API interfaces and fast bulk data uploads.

ETLS Upload

Synchronize valuable data between your existing applications and SugarCRM on a recurring basis. Pull data from on-demand instances for reporting and database updates on a scheduled basis.

ETLS Relationships

Transform extracted data via popular scripting technologies. ETLS Relationships

Migrate Data From other CRMs

Migrate data from other CRM systems in a cost-effective way using a Windows based environment. Take a look at how others have used ETLS and read their story and comments.

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