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Upgrade Your CRM Experience: The Latest ChatGPT Integration Features for SugarCRM

The ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM by KINAMU allows you to utilize all of ChatGPT’s features right within Sugar – from providing answers to your questions easily to automating routine tasks. This integration can help you increase productivity, reduce response times, and free up your time to focus on more important tasks. The integration is available for use within the following Sugar Modules: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Meeting, Call, Task, Notes, E-Mail. The ChatGPT for Sugar Clipboard easily fulfills your prompts and simultaneously provides an interface in which you can take notes and easily keep track of information and ideas that arise during conversation.

Why should you use the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM instead of simply ChatGPT?

As the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM offers all of ChatGPT’s features (and more!) right within Sugar, there is no need to leave the platform in order to get all your answers quickly and efficiently. The integration not only enables you to enter prompts and get answers quickly, it is also able to read information within a Sugar Module and incorporate them into its answers. For example, if you want to write a meeting invitation, simply enter the prompt “Write an invitation to this meeting” into the invitation body and the Integration will read and incorporate all important meeting details. If you were to enter the same prompt into ChatGPT, you would have to write all of the meeting details manually which is not only laborious but also takes up more time that could be utilized more efficiently.


Our newest feature is the ability to choose which modules and corresponding fields you want the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM to access when fulfilling your prompts. This enhances focus on crucial data and conserves tokens simultaneously. For example, let’s say you want to write an E-Mail to a specific contact in which most contact details should be mentioned, except the contact’s address. Within the configuration settings you can disable all fields pertaining to the contact’s address, so when you write your prompt the Integration will not read those fields!

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If needed, you can easily enable those fields again within the configuration settings, as well as add more fields that you might need!

Lastly, with our ChatGPT Integration you are also able to utilize fine-tuned models. Simply create a fine- tuned model on the OpenAI website with your own account. The fine-tuned model is then available through your API Key and you will be able to choose your desired model in the settings. Give these features a try and upgrade your CRM experience with the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM!

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