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Is data privacy your priority? Get a data-breach proof CRM system! Data Anonymizer is a tool designed to quickly encode data on your CRM instance, while preserving their diversity and relations between records. It allows you to quickly prepare a realistic instance for tests and demonstrations without the risk of leaking someone’s personal information.

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Due to GDPR and its regulations it is mandatory to take good care of the personal information. One of the main rules is not to process or give out the personal data without the owner’s consent. This restriction has created a problem while reconstructing bugs or simply sharing the data base with another organization or department. If you would like to run some tests (which include the use of personal records) and at the same time, wish to ensure safety of the processed information – Data Anonymizer by eVolpe is exactly what you need!

What does it do?

Data Anonymizer by eVolpe encodes sensitive information but preserves the structure of the original data base. This way you can be sure that no one unauthorized is able to get access to your customers’ data. At the same time, your IT staff is free to run tests using the same network of connections which occur in the software. All the relations between individual records stay the same!


How does it work?

Data Anonymizer triggers the overwriting of the information from selected modules. It also removes all the so-called audit tables. Please note that this tool does not create new records, it only modifies the existing ones. Once started, it cannot be undone! Because it is irreversible, make sure you are not working on the original version of your CRM instance. Create a copy and then hit anonymize! Otherwise, all data affected will be permanently lost.


Why do you need it, though?

In the world of GDPR where the consequences of a potential data breach would be severe (and expensive), it is important to pay attention to all the risk factors. Undoubtedly, one of them is the moment when you have to duplicate personal records. Whether to demonstrate something to someone from outside the organization or to recreate a bug and test its fixes – you need a data base that does not reveal names, addresses, phone numbers and so on. This is exactly the purpose of our tool and why you should get it in addition to the CRM instance. Therefore, Data Anonymizer guarantees the safety of your customer’s information and ensures the GDPR compliance of your organization. Admit it, you have been looking for such a tool since May 25th 2018.


Sugar: 8.x - 9.x On Premise (On Demand is not supported)

WARNING! Never run Data Anonymizer on your production instance – you risk losing all of your data.

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