Quick Overview

Developed by our team at IT Sapiens, the Analytic Reporting Tool add-on for SugarCRM helps you produce effective, thoughtfully-designed reports with charts in a quick, simple way. It’s easy to use with an elegant design, quick setup, and comes stocked with 100+ prebuilt reports to make reporting a breeze.

The best part? This reporting tool has been designed for anyone to use – there’s no need to be a programmer, have technical knowledge, or understand SQL.

Video Tutorial

One of the most powerful features in the reporting tool is the ability to create user-defined functions via the user interface. There are almost limitless options, including: calculating actual sales ratios vs. targets, opportunity aging, actual lead cost vs. marketing campaign budget, and so many more! The video below will help you master one of the more complex functionalities of the Analytic Reporting Tool.

Other benefits the Analytic Reporting Tool provides:

  • Merge multiple reports into one Excel or PDF, create professional looking layouts and schedule them as email attachments
  • Analyze your business trends over the time by comparing sales results by the end of each month using snapshot reports (using historical data from the change log)
  • Track the time spent on each Sales Stage to identify and improve the steps needed for closing important deals
  • Add data ranges to your reports and calculate your own functions to set deadlines or sales targets

While continuously adding new features to the Analytic Reporting Tool, we also work to improve the user support experience by adding self-service options such as video tutorials.

More video tutorials to help you master the Analytic Reporting Tool for SugarCRM:

Dashboard Solution Overview

Create New Report

Report Editor Basics

Chart Basics

Installation and Upgrade Guide

General Demo Overview: features all you can achieve with the tool

User Guide

Access and review the User Manual PDF here

More Support

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way with our product. Feedback and recommendations are always appreciated. We are here for you: info@itsapiens.eu

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