Highlevel Overview

In today's digital world, meetings are conducted on Skype and Zoom, presentations are given over the screen, and workshops are conducted remotely; but using conventional business methods and customer data are still crucial to your company's overall success. While it is great to know your customers' Twitter handles and email addresses, you still need their formal names and postal addresses as part of your CRM data. And furthermore, their postal addresses need to be validated to avoid wasting any time and money.

The Avalara Plugin by Veon Consulting helps validate your SugarCRM contacts’ address data using Avalara API for US-based postal addresses.

Avalara Plugin for SugarCRM address list

Key Benefits

Data Integrity As SugarCRM is used, data quality should be one of your top priorities. By only using verified data, this add-on allows you to improve the overall quality of your data and thus, helps you confidently with a much lower margin of error. Higher quality for better data processing!

Data Reliability All the addresses suggested are collected using the Avalara API. This way they are standardized and ready to be used without making any new changes to them. And if a user requires an address not available in the suggestion, they can still continue with the save process, marking the address as ‘dirty’ for other users to be cautious about.

Key Product Features

  • Verify address with Avalara in real time
  • Benefit of UI address verification avalara-address-list.png
  • Save verified and reliable address details for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads modules
  • Save time on address validation for the taxation and delivery purposes
  • Standardized and verified addressed for everyone
  • Mark dirty addresses for other users to be aware of Avalara Plugin for SugarCRM address marked invalid

To learn more about this solution, go to the Avalara Plugin or search for "address validation."