Today's guest post comes from Integros, the makers of TimeLine Viewer.

We are happy to introduce you a new version of TimeLine Viewer. TLV 2.0 includes both technical and usability enhancements based on suggestions and recommendations from our users and partners.

Improved user interface of TimeLine Viewer makes your work easier and more comfortable.

TimeLine Viewer for SugarCRM

  • Increased icon size to leverage human brain in perceiving pictures and catching on important events out of the flow in seconds
  • Enhanced formatting to quickly get aware of what happened and not to strain your eyes
  • New templates with graphic elements for basic events to faster grasp the situation
  • When viewing the long thread of events over the day using TimeLine View, no need to keep the date in mind as the line with date and number of events automatically sticks to the top when scrolling the feed and you can always see the info on the date and number of events
  • Easy catching on the events with additional info. Information marker shows the event contains additional info like meeting details and the phone numbers, which can be accessed in two clicks from TimeLine feed.

Collaboration Enhancements

  • Just one click from Collaboration dashlet to get not only to the discussed event, but to the discussed object as well
  • New comments markers to outline the events with new comments or find out if there is any comment at all without any clicks – you can see it in the dashlet thread or TimeLine List View

Basic event package of TimeLine Viewer is extended with events on analysis of sales funnel: New Opportunity or RLI created, RLI Status and Amount changed, Opportunity Amount changed and many more.

We truly hope that you will like a new design and features of TimeLine Viewer.

Kind regards,
Integros team

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