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Stage Tracker: Stay On Top of Your Processes

Posted by on January 30, 2013

Ever wish you could have a paper trail of the changes made to some of the fields in your SugarCRM records, or dig even deeper in your reports? Stage Tracker, by Atcore Systems, provides valuable insight into how long drop down fields have been set to a certain value. This ability makes it possible to see trends such as how long it takes to convert a lead into a sale.

While SugarCRM provides a modified date for a record, it only displays the latest and most recent change to the record. Stage Tracker fills in the gap by allowing you to watch a dropdown field for any record in any module.

Stage Tracker is extremely simple and easy to use. Once you choose the module and field, it creates a tracking log record for each change listing the value, the time (days, hours, minutes), and the number of times that value has been changed.

Finding or viewing the trackers you need, across any module or field, is well-designed too. You can choose what to call or name each tracker, meaning Stage Tracker can be set up and organized by whatever naming convention or category you need to define for a specific module and field. Furthermore, each tracking log links back to the record it watched, which is quite useful for Sugar CRM CE users, but even more useful for Sugar CRM Professional, Enterprise or Corporate users who get some very detailed data and relationships when generating a Report.

With Stage Tracker, it is easier than ever to stay on top of your processes. See where you are doing well and where you can take action to become more efficient. Try out Stage Tracker today with our money-back guarantee.

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