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Add the ability to not only upload multiple files, but also the ability to preview different file types right from inside SuiteCRM. Supports many file types such as PDF, Word Docs, TXT, PNG, JPG, and more.

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Problem statement:

  • By default, CRM does not have the facility to upload multiple documents or images. Only one file type data type exists which allows uploading single file.
  • Difficult to rename documents/images etc but they should be human and SEO friendly.
  • No preview facility. By default, CRM does not have the facility to preview the documents uploaded.
  • Hence Ideadunes team came up with the facility to upload multiple documents and images with preview facility.

We created a special data type for SuiteCRM/SugarCRM that supports uploading multiple files to any record with compatibility to previous and latest version 6.5.25 & 7.10.5

The files that you upload will be clearly visible in the various views such as Edit View, Detail View, Sub Panel (Quick Create), List View, Dashboard.

With this add-on it makes it simple to both upload and manages your various file uploads.


  1. Upload multiple images or documents at a time
  2. Supports uploading different file types to the same upload field.


Document Preview

You can see the document preview in both detail and edit views.


Works great with multiple documents. Each document will have its own controls for scrolling, etc. The user can see and work with different documents such as a pdf, images, a text document, or a drawing space by simply moving the cursor from one space to another.

How to use multiple document data types

  • You can add document field in all modules including custom modules
  • For adding field for any module go to studio Click on module
  • Click on field: add field
  • select data type document
  • Enter the field name such as upload Files

All Major Views Supported

1) Edit View

Document Data Type Field in Edit View

Multiple file uploads in SuiteCRM

2) Detail and List View

Preview Document Data Type Field in Detail View and List View

Multiple documents in detail view in SuiteCRM

3) List View

Document Data Type Field in List View

Document Data Type Field in List View in SuiteCRM

4) Dashlets

Document Data Type Field in Dashlets

Document Data Type Field in Dashlets in SuiteCRM

Additional Features

Here are a few of the special features that you will benefit from:

  1. There is an Abort button next to upload image field, which you can use to stop uploading if you accidentally started uploading the wrong file.
  2. It's easy to remove a file that is not needed anymore by simply clicking on the cross button which you can see corresponding to each image.
  3. The files/images in Edit View contains a Radio button which helps to determine which image to display in the Detail View. A link will then display next to it so that you can view all other files/images that are uploaded to that field.
  4. Works great with any module you choose and hence the Documents Field can be added and adjusted to various layouts such as Edit View, List View, Detail View Dashlet View, Quick Create etc.
  5. Make any document the default document.
  6. When a document is uploading, If we need to cancel it there is an abort option in a document data type for deleting uploaded document or images just click on the cross on a document.

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