What is Skyvia?

5 Use Cases for No-Code Data Integration

Data Warehousing

Data Analysis with Google Data Studio

ETL and Reverse ETL

CSV Export/Import

Data Backup

What is Skyvia?

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Skyvia Data Integration is a 100% cloud-based, no-coding platform that supports ETL, ELT, and reverse ETL solutions, as well as data synchronization and overall workflow automation. It provides more than 130 connectors, including connectors to Sugar products, and can easily transfer and synchronize SugarCRM data with other cloud apps and relational databases. With the help of Skyvia, sales and marketing departments can improve their overall performance by automating data-related processes including lead-to-account matching, account-based marketing, and customer lifetime value management.

As it’s a browser-based service, Skyvia is easy to set up for business users and doesn't require constant attention or maintenance costs. The service allows creating and managing complex data pipelines with many sources by applying Data Flow and Control Flow tools. Accordingly, Sugar customers can easily integrate their applications and solve data-related issues as these features are capable of:

  • Loading data to multiple destinations at once.

  • Performing complex multistage data transformations.

  • Running different integrations one after another.

  • Creating custom error-processing logic.

  • Designing data flows visually on a convenient diagram.

Benefits of Applying Skyvia

  • Data integration scenarios are scalable and easy to configure work for SMBs and enterprises.

  • Pre-made connectors for cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid ecosystems.

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface that is clear and easy to operate without writing code.

  • No complex setup as it’s a browser-based platform, as well as no worrying about deployment strategies or software upgrades.

  • Free trial and five different pricing plans, from Free to Enterprise.


5 Use Cases for No Code Data Integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a powerful way of analyzing large volumes of data. Once you've loaded the data to the warehouse of your choice, you can use tools like Power BI, Data Studio, etc., to visualize your data and gather business insights.

Take advantage of all the benefits of Skyvia’s Cloud Data Replication: with it, you can quickly and easily transfer your SugarCRM data into a database or data warehouse without having to manually update the data. Skyvia provides two possible ways of scheduling an automatic execution:

  1. Full replication. Data tables are dropped and re-created each time.

  2. Incremental replication. After full replication at the beginning, only the changed records are uploaded.

Since Skyvia supports all major connectors (more than 130 overall), getting all business data from disparate sources into one DWH and setting up automated data replication is possible.

Data Analysis with Google Data Studio

In addition to the data warehousing described above, Skyvia has a direct connector to Google Data Studio. You can directly access source data from it and build reports. The flexibility of this method is worse (g.e. no historical data is available here); however, it’s the fastest way — a couple of clicks, and your data is already uploaded into Data Studio.

With Skyvia’s Google Data Studio connector, you can connect SugarCRM to Google Data Studio as well as to other cloud apps and databases that aren't supported by Data Studio natively.

ETL and Reverse ETL

In addition to the ELT functionality described in the Data warehousing section, Skyvia offers a full-fledged ETL with powerful mapping and the ability to transform data at the transfer stage. Reverse ETL is also supported, allowing not only the transfer of data in DWH but also from DWH and databases.

Overall, Skyvia enables the integration of any data sources with the help of Data Import. Link SugarCRM data to more than 130 cloud apps and databases connected to your business ecosystem and eliminate the need to reenter the same data in multiple services. For more complex data pipelines with two or more connectors, there is the Data/Control Flow tool.

CSV Export/Import

Since the CSV format remains widely used especially when connecting Sugar with ERPs or legacy systems, Skyvia offers automation of CSV data import and export to or from SugarCRM. The platform provides many options like flexible schedule support, mapping, and transformation.

  • Import CSV files locally or from file storage services, FTP or SFTP.

  • Import different CSV-like flat file formats in other languages/encodings.

  • Export cloud and database data to CSV. Select fields to export from the main target object and its related objects.

  • Export binary data from cloud apps that support storing files and attachments as an archive with binary files and a CSV with exported non-binary fields.

Data Backup

As it’s best for performance to manage all company's cloud apps with one solution, Skyvia also provides data backup for multiple applications across your organization. Skyvia makes it easy to back up data from SugarCRM as well as from accounting, marketing, e-commerce, and e-support applications. It does this by allowing for viewing and managing them all at once from a single interface.

Become a data-driven business: configure your data-related operations with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!

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