When errors go unnoticed until reported by users, the issues begin to add up and it's hard to get ahead of correcting them. With the Error Trap add-on, you can capture errors in SugarCRM and notify users to take action, helping your teams manage issues proactively versus reactively.

Highlevel Overview

No more sifting through log files to try to piece together an issue hours or even days after the incident. Developed by Jackal Software, Error Trap allows the proper team members to get notified of errors as they happen and respond faster with more information.

Additional parameters allow developers to be more granular in who errors are assigned to and allow workflows to be triggered off of the created records.

Error Trap List View

Error Trap List Notifications

Key Features

  • Notify correct team members of errors
  • Custom parameters for default logger allowing additional control for developers
  • Mass Delete Log Records
  • Use Error Log records to track resolution
  • Configure number of logs in a given time frame to prevent notice overflow

To learn more about this solution, go to Error Trap or search for "error."