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Turn multiple select fields into checkboxes. Long drop-downs are a nightmare to use when a list gets beyond a few options. Make your SugarCRM users' lives simplier by transforming these painful fields into a list of checkboxes with just a single line of code, thanks to this add-on.

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Warning Folks : This modules works only OnSite due to Sugar OnDemand Restrictions.

Transform multienum inputs into something easier to user!

  • You're mad about multi-select fields ?
  • Your users seems to have two left hands and can't remember the Ctrl+click or Shift+Click tips ?
  • Your multi-select list is now so long that it is hard to locate the option you want to select ?
  • You just wanted to add one new option but your forgot to press Ctrl so you lose the 49 other options already selected ?

Then our module is designed for you !

An Easy Select Widget for Your CRM

Our module makes it easy for developers to transform any multienum field into a collection of checkboxes, bypassing the major problems users encounter as listed above.

What's a multienum fields? It is Sugar's field type for a multi-select dropdown. In Studio you'll see it called a MultiSelect when creating a new field.

We take the old edit view and change it into something much more usable:


And without any changes to the detail view:


How does it works ?

Once the module is installed in SugarCRM, simply edit the module's custom metadata (editviewdefs.php) and add (or replace) the type with 'type' => 'multienum_checked'... that's all !

Any extra options available ?

Yes! You have total control of the display of your list as checkboxes, please refer to the Developer Guide

Compatible with all multienum fields

Will work on all SugarCRM modules, even custom modules. As long as the field is a "multienum" field.

It'll work great with Studio as well. Meaning that if your Sugar admins make a modification to the layout in Studio and do a Save & Deploy this customization will continue to work afterwards.

Compatibility information

Please note that this module is not compatible OnDemand SugarCRM v7 new modules structure is not compatible with this field type. We plan to release an upgraded version soon.

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