Using Freshdesk for your helpdesk? Then be sure to get visibility into your customers' tickets and exchanges from within Sugar. Arm your sales teams with all the information they need to be successful.

Works on all versions of Sugar including Sugar 8 and also with On Demand.

Highlevel Overview

Streamline all your customer conversations in CRM. This Integration helps you to manage your customer support case into CRM. It will create cases, account, contact, replies in CRM and will relate each other.

Know Every Support Case

There is nothing worse than calling to check in and potentially up-sell and be blindsided by an either an angry customer or one asking about how that support ticket is going. Having that information available to your sales teams is a must have. See all of this information right from within Sugar.

Create Sugar Case From Freshdesk Ticket

All Contact and Account Info

Sync and see Freshdesk contact and account information in Sugar. Fields include the standard name, address, email, etc and any custom fields you wish to bring over as well.

View Accounts Sugar

Conversations, too!

Tickets can take quite a bit of back-and-forth. These conversations are also available in Sugar with this integration.

See Freshdesk Replies in Sugar

To learn more about this solution go to Freshdesk Integration with SugarCRM or search for "Freshdesk".