Duplicate data is one of the top reasons for CRM adoption failure. Bad data can cause communication issues, confusion, brand mistrust, and much more. Without proper processes in place, companies can experience duplicate rates of 10 to 30% or more. Thankfully, there is a solution that can automatically prevent duplicate records. Urdhva Tech’s Duplicate Detector keeps track of what you put into SugarCRM and stops duplicate data before it ever hits your database!

There may not be a more simple SugarCRM module out there that can do so much. With only four buttons in the configuration panel, Duplicate Detector can check for duplicate data on your text fields in any module! You can choose to never allow any duplicate or just warn your users that a duplicate exists. Allowing or disallowing record submissions is literally one checkbox away. Want to make sure no one is using the same serial number twice? Adding duplicate detection is a matter of one click, a drag, and a final click to save and activate your duplicate detection.

Once Duplicate Detector is set up to watch for duplicates, your users will be presented with a simple notification when they try to save. It’s so seamless it feels like it was built straight into SugarCRM! Not sure which record has that duplicate phone number? No need to open another tab and search for it, click on the Info button next to the duplicate notice and Duplicate Detector will give a link to the very record that has the same value.

Give your organization every chance to succeed. Duplicate Detector will not only save you time, it will help to ensure that you get the most out of SugarCRM. With such a simple tool, there’s no learning curve, no involved setup, and no hassle to eliminating your duplicate data hassles!