Quality and outstanding service is most important to us at SugarOutfitters and our great partners. One of the constant challenges for our development partners of SugarCRM add-ons is getting good feedback. In addition to that, it's near impossible to know why a customer stopped using an add-on. Attempts to get this information during and after trials has helped to a point, but still leaves lacking for more.

This lack of feedback causes a few big issues. First, if there is a real issue with an add-on and the developer never knows about it then the issue will persist for the next customer. Simply put, the result is an inferior product. Second, maybe the solution works as intended by the developer, but due to either a miscommunication or a misunderstanding it may not do what the customer needs. This results in a gap of functionality and possibly a potential revenue opportunity. Third, there may be no problem at all.

While I have personally seen all of these, the last one is the most frustrating. It causes developers to doubt themselves or their products. If the trial didn't convert then surely there is something wrong with the product. Or worse yet, maybe they just stole the solution. Whatever the what-ifs may be, it is deflating and demotivating. Simply knowing that it isn't needed or that it is for a future project is helpful in that respect. It also lets the developer know if they should follow up down the road.

To solve these issues we have introduced a new feedback system to coincide with a quicker, straight forward way to quit active trials or subscriptions.

Customer Purchases

Now a customer can more easily find how to update their payment information or quit a trial or subscription. If they want to quit a trial or subscription we ask some feedback questions and pass that along to the developers.

Quit Trial Survey

Quit Add-on Trial Survey

Quit Subscription Survey

Quit Add-on Subscription Survey

Once this form is filled out the trial or subscription will be canceled and the developer will be sent the normal notification along with the reason for the cancelation via the Webhooks API, email receipt, and on the customer history page.

Having this feedback will help with creating better solutions in the long run along with providing better service to our customers.

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