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Spend less time drowning in busy work, and more time focused on activities that actually deliver revenue! With Gondola, you can update your SugarCRM records right from your customer call, transforming your sales process and enabling your team’s growth.

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Built by Sales Reps, for Sales Reps

Let Gondola become your key sales enablement tool to boost deal momentum by facilitating productive, on-brand sales conversations.

Take Advantage of Moments that Matter Most - Live Customer Calls

Sales Rep Benefits:

  • Update SugarCRM Right From Your Call - Gondola helps you easily update SugarCRM records right from your virtual call with your customer.

  • Better Understand Customer Pain - The best sales teams have a repeatable methodology to win new customers. Gondola helps systematize that methodology and provide guidance to your sellers in real-time so they can better understand their customer's pain and drive the deal forward.

  • Tell a Frictionless Story - We help reduce deal prep time and enable reps to articulate a storyline about their product that resonates with their buyer and drives to a close.

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Sales Leader Benefits:

  • We can help you have more productive 1-on-1s with your team by prepping for important, upcoming calls. You can highlight key data points that have yet to be collected and outlined questions they need to cover. All of which will be easily referenceable in-call and provide them a path get that information back into Sugar.

  • Gondola's in-call window can help reinforce your sales trainings and methodology framework in-real time. This helps to create stickier behavior changes to make sure that your time spent training isn't wasted. 

  • Our system will help create consistency in your team's process and facilitate better CRM hygiene leading to more accurate pipeline forecasts. We can help you create an outline for success and cultivate more usable data flowing back into your SugarCRM.

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Key Use Cases:

  • Great Deals Start with Deep Discovery. Replicate your team's best discovery calls without binding everyone to a static script. Review and record free text and CRM notes during conversations while staying in workflow

  • The CRM Data You Want, Where You Need It - Create templates specific to your sales process embedded with SugarCRM fields need to push the deal forward.

  • Effortless Collaboration- Add any internal colleagues to your sales call and run it collaboratively with ease. Demoing with a solutions consultant, we can support it. Bringing in your leader to help with negotiation, we got your back.

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Key Integrations:

  • SugarCRM - Our deep SugarCRM integration takes all of the pain out of recording meeting notes, updating fields, and saving activity. Our customers save between 4-5 hrs per week.

  • Google Calendar/Outlook - Easily build meetings from your calendar and automatically sync contacts to your SugarCRM. Connect customer calls to SugarCRM using your Google calendar. Send calendar invites and push back information to your SugarCRM.

  • Zoom Video - Gondola's Zoom App. All of the power of Gondola, embedded directly into your Zoom call. It's easier than every to run a sales conversation when you're using Gondola and Zoom.

  • Google Drive/Box/Dropbox/etc: Gondola can pull marketing assets from various content repositories like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

What Gondola's Customers Say:

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Works on Sugar versions 12 and above.

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