We’ve hit what is a major milestone for us. $1 million worth of SugarCRM add-ons have been added to shopping carts! Thank you to all the add-on providers, members, and visitors who have supported us throughout this first year (as well as a special thank you to our wives). Your continual feedback has helped us create a great marketplace and discovery service for finding high quality SugarCRM modules, themes, and integrations.


p>What does this milestone mean?<br/><br/>

  1. People just want to know that things work<br/>
This is the most common feedback that we get from folks besides it being easy to find add-ons. Members appreciate knowing that our add-ons just work. Beyond our guarantee, they are able to check out other member reviews along with version verifications. Additional confidence is won by being able to directly contact the developer/provider if they have questions beyond what the add-on or documentation pages cover.

2. When it doesn't work they appreciate outstanding support<br/><br/>

82% of all support cases receive a reply within the first 24 hours with most of those containing a solution to their issue in the initial reply. In fact, people will come to SugarOutfitters to get help even if they originally purchased the add-on elsewhere.

3. We have work to do<br/><br/>

As always, we need to continue helping developers/providers better communicate what value their solutions are bringing the customer. Along with that, we need to continue to improve buyer confidence and trust in us. Simply stated, we need to do a better job making it painfully clear that we stand behind our 30 day money-back guarantee.


Thanks and on to our next big goal; $1 million in converted sales.

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