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SugarDocuSign for SugarCRM allows you to send e-sign contracts for electronic signature with DocuSign services and track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes.

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Is DocuSign and SugarCRM Right for You?

  • Are you dealing with the hassle of sending physical documents for signature?
  • Wish that you could have those documents signed within minutes instead of days?
  • Want to know whether your documents were even received by the other party?

Then SugarDocuSign is the solution to all of your document signature problems.

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SugarDocuSign is a Sugar 7 plugin which is designed as a data syncing solution between SugarCRM and DocuSign services. Close deals faster with this integration. SugarDocuSign for Sugar CRM enables you to send; e-sign contracts and track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes.

How it Works

With this add-on you can upload and send multiple documents and PDFs from your CRM to your customers for signature. Additionally, you can also track status changes of your documents throughout the signature process

Sending to Contacts, Leads, or Accounts

You can send your document to any of your Leads, Accounts and Contacts. Select your desired contact, account or lead to which you want to send your document and click on the drop down menu of edit. Here you can select from two options for sending document via your SugareDocuSign module. • Send PDF to DocuSign • Send Document

See Statuses of All Docs

The List Document option allows you to see details of all sent documents and their status. Click on list document and all of your send documents will be displayed. Check a certain file and click on Check file status option from drop down list. It will give you the status of your document whether it is sent, delivered or complete.

On Premise Supported

If you host your own SugarCRM server or you are using SugarCRM 7 then SugarDocuSign is fully supported. We do not support Sugar's On Demand service at this time. If you are not sure what that means then you will be clear to try out our add-on.

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