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Scalable, Enterprise-Class solution for integrating SugarCRM with Exchange / Office 365. Synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Set rules for auto-archiving of incoming/outgoing emails. Combine (optional) with an Exchange / Office 365 add-on that presents an Email Side-Panel in Outlook and allows users to view, create and edit CRM records from within Outlook.

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Server-Side Integration. No Desktop Software to Deploy.

  • Supports on-premise or hosted Exchange and Office 365 Exchange online.
  • Runs on an on-premise server.
  • Corporate level rules for auto-email archiving
  • Centralized Administration. Easy to Install & Configure
  • Support both Windows and Mac users

Synchronize CRM Data with Users' Exchange Mailboxes

  • Full bi-directional synchronization of contacts, calendars & tasks
  • Rule-based automatic archive of inbound & outbound emails
  • Optional sync based on users' categories
  • Configurable Exchange folders


Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

  • Create rules to archive inbound and outbound emails
  • Rules based on: contacts, leads, accounts, email addresses, words/phrases in subject, case templates
  • Automatically archive to related CRM records
  • Automatically archive emails to cases records
  • Destination records can be determined at run-time based on the specific emails or specified in the rule.


Email Side-Panel in Outlook (Optional - Exchange / Office 365 add-on)

  • Get the best of both worlds by combining the Exchange connector with FrontEnd Side-Panel
  • Server-side integration only; FrontEnd Side-Panel is deployed via Exchange to all users; No software installed on users desktops
  • Configure the Exchange connector to sync contacts & calendar and auto-archive email messages and utilize the Side-Panel to enable users to interact with the CRM
  • Supports on-premise Exchange (2013 and higher) and office 365
  • FrontEnd Side-Panel allows users to:
    • Instantly view CRM data upon receiving emails from customers
    • View, update or create CRM records: opportunities, cases, meetings etc.
    • Manually archive selected emails
    • Create contact, lead or account from the email
    • Create a quick note for any related CRM record


Enterprise-Class Scalable Solution

  • For deployment in house or as a hosted solution (e.g. AWS)
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange / Office 365
  • Scalable from a single server to a server cluster
  • High Performance; handles large-scale email traffic


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