The Report Series Dashlet add-on allows a TOTAL value to be brought into a Dashlet for quick visibility of activity over your targets.

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Quickly view TOTAL values on your SugarCRM data dashlets. When viewing open case reports on your dashboard, view your totals as well as your other data.

Service features:

  • View the total value of a report from your dashboard.
  • Display colour-changing numbers that respond to targets.


Choose a report, and create the target you would like to compare to. Select the intervals to refresh your results.

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Set your target value and the dimensional size you would like to view the total number on your dashboard.

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The target parameter you set will trigger the colour of the total when shown on your dashlet. The numbers will show green if above the target you set, and red if below. The summary size in this demonstration is 400%.

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Reports falling below your target will turn black.

RS fig 6 black.png

Adjust and view your report beside other reports on your dashboard.

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