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Oopsie Doopsie provides a reliable and user-friendly solution to safeguard critical data from permanent loss. Acting as a temporary trash can, it enables easy restoration of deleted records, saving time and minimizing the risk of data loss.

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Oopsie Doopsie: An easy trash can plugin

Oopsie Doopsie is an add-on module that functions as a temporary trash can to prevent the permanent deletion of important records.

By simply configuring the settings in the administrative section, users can select which modules are monitored by Oopsie Doopsie. This module allows for the temporary storage of deleted records, enabling the restoration of inadvertently erased data. Navigating to the Oopsie Doopsie module, users can view deleted records in the list view within the modules monitored by the feature. By accessing the desired record, users can then choose either to permanently delete or restore it using the green oe red buttons.

Oopsie Doopsie ListView

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Oopsie Doopsie RecordView

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