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A complete SugarCRM and DocuSign integration which allows us to quickly pull data from SugarCRM modules like Account, Contact, Lead, Prospect, User, Quote and Contract and then send them out for signature directly from SugarCRM. The signed document's fields are then returned to SugarCRM and attached to the corresponding SugarCRM records. The signed documents are returned to SugarCRM and attached to the document envelope.

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DocuSign for SugarCRM helps us shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, increase productivity, and reduce paper waste, resulting in savings of time. DocuSign is an easy and fast way to get documents signed. The process is simple: fill out a form and sign it with mobile signatures, typed signatures, handwritten mouse signatures and more. Provide the names and emails of signers. Customize the data collection fields and send an email to all parties. They can also sign on your website. Signers are guided how to sign and they can do it using their iPhone or iPad. Thus, you can create a legally binding contract and safely store it in your archive.

The SugarCRM and DocuSign integration allow you to send the documents and templates for signature directly from CRM. Send your Contracts, NDAs, Agreements and have them signed by your customers online.

Track all the documents sent for signature with the intuitive DS-Activities Dashboard which gives the instant update as the document gets viewed or signed.

The integration allows the documents and templates to be sent to Accounts/Contacts/Leads/Prospects/Users.

Options to send the document for signature from SugarCRM

  • Browse and send a document from Local System
  • Get DocuSign templates in SugarCRM and send it for signature
  • Send SugarCRM PDF templates

The integration allows the documents and templates to be sent to Accounts/Contacts/Leads/Prospects modules of SugarCRM.

DocuSign for SugarCRM

Benefits of DocuSign & SugarCRM Integration

  • Intelligent template recognition
  • Field mapping: merge data from and to supported modules
  • Easily add documents, recipients, messages and more by automatically pulling from SugarCRM or leveraging DS templates
  • Industry-leading tagging screen with options for bi-directional data feed
  • Use data collected to optimize your team's SugarCRM experience
  • Boost the efficiency of your business and save the environment
  • Provide a professional approach to the process of document execution
  • Embed interactive signature into your documents
  • Reduce your execution time to just minutes
  • Store all the signed documents in a single, safe location
  • Track your signers’ progress in real time

DocuSign Fields Mapping and Supported field types

Textbox, Checkbox, Radio, SSN, Email, Numbers, Letters, Date, ZIP+4, ZIP

Note : “Dropdown” is not supported, as DocuSign Registered API Library fails when a dropdown is placed on the template

DocuSign for SugarCRM DocuSign for SugarCRM
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