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Keep track of ongoing changes to your Sugar platform with Upsert® Last Modified By. This add-on puts a time stamp on select audited fields in the record view, showing who last changed each field and when.

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Quickly Follow the Audit Trail

Upsert® Last Modified By for SugarCRM lets users quickly see when a field was last changed and by whom without opening the Audit Log. An easily readable label appears under the field, serving up handy audit information at a glance: Last modified by Susan Smiley at 2022-08-03 19:35.

Upsert® Last Modified By

Key Benefits


You can put a Last Modified By stamp on any audited field in any stock or custom Sugar module. Administrators choose which audited fields they want to enable through the Last Modified plugin's Admin page.

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System Requirements

Upsert® Last Modified By is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 11.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site
  • Compatible with SugarIdentity
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