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#3295 - Plugin not working on or 7.9.x

Closed Bug? created by jamesaforde 4 years ago

Hi Olaf,

Can you let us know if the plugin works with versions 7.8.x and above. If not would we be able to get if sorted asap?

Preview icon appears, but nothing happens when it is clicked.


  1. jamesaforde member avatar


    4 years ago

    Can I get an update on this please?

  2. provalida member avatar

    provalida Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hi James,

    the PlugIn is currently under review. The general compatibility to SugarCRM 7.8.x and has been fixed but we noticed an incompatibility with the upcomming SugarCRM PlugIn "Hint" which needs to be solved.

    We will upload the new release as soon as all known issues have been fixed.

    Regards Björn

  3. PIETROSACCHI member avatar

    Pietro Sacchi

    4 years ago

    any news? i need yo try this plugin under 7.9.2

    • provalida member avatar

      provalida Provider Affiliate

      4 years ago

      Hi Pietro,

      we have updated the files recently and can confirm pvView will work with the current SugarCRM releases with the exeption of the incompatibility with "hint".

      Regards Björn

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