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Use this SugarCRM plugin to create and update CRM records in accordance with the European VAT Information Exchange System (VIES). Also, verify other companies’ VAT numbers before moving forward with transactions.

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Getting started

Go to CRM -> Administration -> Connectors

Go to Set Connector Properties

Go to VAT Integration - Core


* For the field *Default Country Code (ISO 3166) insert prefix of the default country. While VATIN checking if not provided differently the default prefix applies.

** Example: if default prefix set as PL:

*** for VATIN: 1234567890, system looks for: PL1234567890

*** for VATIN: DE1234567890, system looks for: DE1234567890

* Save changes

Go to Enable Connectors

Fold VAT Integration - VIES


* To the * Enabled * section, drag (from the * Disabled * section) those modules that you want to power with data from VIES

Fold VAT Integration - Core


* To the * Enabled * section, drag (from the * Disabled * section) those modules that you chose in fold [VIES] VAT Integration - VIES

* Save changes

Go to Map Connector Fields

Fold VAT Integration - Core


* For each enabled module, you must select the field that will store VATIN

** Note: You can create additional fields for a given module in * CRM -> Administration -> Studio*

Fold VAT Integration - VIES


* For each enabled module, select the field mapping:

** The field on the left: the value that will come from the integration.

** The field on the right: field in the module that will be assigned value from integration.

* Save changes.

Integrator in Sugar views


Adding Download VAT Data dashlet

Create a new one or edit the current Dashboard


Add a new row (Row)


Add a Sugar Dashlet


Choose dashlet: Download VAT Data


* Name dashlet


* Save changes

* Refresh


Module List View

Adding Download VAT Data dashlet to list view

Adding the integrator dashlet in the list view is done in the same way as for the Home view


Module Record View

Adding Download VAT Data dashlet to record view

Adding the integrator dashlet in the list view is done in the same way as for the Home view


Adding a button to a field Download VAT Data

Open a file for module record view that is supported by the integrator:


* Example: For Accounts module, the file is:

** custom/modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record/record.php if it exists, otherwise:

** modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record/record.php

Next, go to: CRM -> Administration -> Connectors -> Map Connector Fields -> VAT Integration - Core and add or overwrite an attribute:

'type' => 'vat_number'

* Example: if the filed is Ticker Symbol, look for: ticker_symbol,

** and get:


** and change it for:

      'name' => 'ticker_symbol',
      'type' => 'vat_number',

** get:

      'name' => 'ticker_symbol',

** and change it for:

      'name' => 'ticker_symbol',
      'type' => 'vat_number',

Then rebuild as in * Installation and reconstruction * -> * Standard instance rebuild *

After rebuilding and refreshing the record view, a button will appear next to the indicated field. Click on it and open the integrator window.



User Guide

Step 1. Input VATIN


For field VAT Identification Number input VATIN and click Download Data

Attention: If you are already in the record view and the VAT Identification Number field was already filled - data download happens automatically.

Then, the following occurs:

  • Validation of the * VAT Identification Number * field, if it was successfully filled in.


  • Validation of the * VAT Identification Number * field, has a valid checksum.


If both validations are successful, the plugin looks for duplicates with the same VATIN.

At this stage, if:

  • subscription has expired or is turned off


  • no module has been enabled, or the field mapping in connectors has not been set

instead of step 2, an appropriate message will then be displayed


Step 2. Data presentation

The data downloaded thanks to the integration is presented in a table.


The first column shows field names from the integration.

The second column shows the integration data.

The third column shows modules which take the data from the integration.


** For List View or Record View, the module gets selected by the system and cannot be changed.**


Duplicates found

If there is another record with the same VATIN, appropriate links are added to the table (together with the names of recognized duplicates).

  • For Home View and List View:


  • For the Record View


Button Create record


From the Home View and the List View (after downloading the data) you can create a record using the Create record button. Then the record creation view of the selected module will open with appropriate fields completed (according to the mapping)


Warning about the possibility of data overwriting


In the Record View, after downloading the data, if the mapped fields already have values, a warning appears about the possibility of overwriting information. To do so, press the * Overwrite Record Data * button.

Button Overwrite Record Data

From the Record View, after downloading the data, you can update the current record using the * Overwrite Record Data * button, then:

for Sugar: the edit mode will start and the fields will be overwritten with the values from the integration.

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