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Do you need to see your customers clearly on a map? Do you plan the meeting and would like to visit other customers on the way? Use the Google Maps module to integrate the maps directly to your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM.

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Admin Guide

The new AWY GoogleMaps section appears in the administration after installation. This section is designed for settings of the module. It is possible to make the general settings on the General Settings tab. You can make partial settings on the tab of each module of Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Prospects. The settings for the partial module have a higher priority than the general settings.

General Settings tab

The module uses the Google API. There are limits on daily queries. To increase the limit, you can create JavaScript and Geocoding API Key.

To create JavaScript API Key visit:

To create Geocoding API Key visit:

Google Maps - Global Settings.png

Places List

You can set whether to display the list of records when opening the map window. The following screenshows show how the setting behaves.

Places List: Hide Google Maps - List Accounts Hide.png

Places List: Show Google Maps - List Accounts Show.png

Navigation directions

You can set whether to display the navigation directions when opening the map window. The following screenshows show how the setting behaves. Google Maps - Sales Route Hide.png

Navigation directions: Show Google Maps - Sales Route Show.png

You can make settings for each module separately in the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Prospects tabs.

AWY GoogleMaps Geocoding

The module can ensure to browse addresses in the background automatically and assign GPS coordinates. This is used to accelerate displaying of the data on the map. For this purpose, the Google Map Geocoding scheduler was added when installing the Google maps module. This scheduler is inactive by default. You can activate it in the Schedulers section in SugarCRM administration.

  1. randrews member avatar


    6 years ago

    does this work with ondemand solutions?

    • allwithyou member avatar

      Allwithyou Provider

      6 years ago

      It should work, you can try free trial.

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