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The Aircall Integration for Sugar Sell is a quick and efficient way to connect your cloud-based phone system with your CRM instance. Now, sales teams can work in their platform of choice and ensure data syncs seamlessly between the two systems. Enjoy click-to-dial, inbound call matching with CRM records, single-click data sync, and more!

Your initial subscription purchase comes with 10 hours of setup and onboarding.

Upon purchase, log a ticket with Support to get your set-up call scheduled.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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Your subscription purchase comes with guided installation and setup. Upon purchase, you will be contacted by BrainSell to schedule your installation.

The Aircall Integration for Sugar Sell by BrainSell is designed to make salespeoples’ lives easier by offering a simple solution to bi-directionally sync data between Aircall and Sugar Sell. Now, sales professionals can easily update CRM records with call data, all while removing the need to hop between systems to keep lead and account records up to date.

Key Features

No matter the platform you are currently using, data can be quickly and efficiently synced to the other platform with a simple click of a button! This provides you with a seamless, real-time data sync while reducing complexity for reps, managers, and leaders in sales. Specifically, the Aircall Integration for Sugar Sell allows users to:

  • Click a phone number in their Sugar Sell contact record to instantly dial that number in Aircall
  • Take notes in the Aircall interface and instantly create a Sugar Sell call record with those notes included
  • Match inbound phone calls to their respective Sugar Sell contact/lead record, positioning reps with near-instant context into who they are about to speak with
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