Over the years, the customer portal has become an integral part of any company's success. It empowers customers, allows them to resolve their issues without any human interaction, and offers access to crucial information around the clock. For teams relying on SugarCRM, having a compatible customer portal can help reduce costs and overhead. In simple words, the customer portal is a win-win for both businesses and customers. Keep reading to learn more about the top benefits a customer portal can offer.

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customer portals are an effective tool to increase customer engagement. It allows you to share your ideas and receive feedback from the customers. It also enables you to educate your customers. You can write blogs and create videos showing various stages of product development.

You can also share tips related to the product, news, and other types of help. This will make your customers more adept and knowledgeable. You can establish a connection with your customers through customer forums. Here, customers can discuss problems and their possible solutions. Apart from increasing engagement, customer portals also provide a greater sense of empowerment.

SugarCRM Customer Portal in WordPress

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that high customer satisfaction drives more sales and revenue. Customer portals can be a great tool to boost customer satisfaction. It allows you to offer 24x7 support services to your customers. Besides, self-service further boosts customer satisfaction. It enables them to resolve their issues by themselves. When customers find solutions quickly, they are bound to recommend your product or services to their friends and family. A customer portal can increase the number of satisfied customers who can become brand ambassadors of your company.

3. Reduced Cost

In the absence of a customer service portal, your agents have to use call tickets. With a customer portal for SugarCRM, you can reduce the workload of your support staff significantly. As mentioned earlier, the customer portal helps you to offer round-the-clock support. This saves you from allocating extra resources to extend working hours, thus reducing costs. In addition, it also reduces the number of abandoned calls and waiting time on inbound calls.

4. Self-Service

Today, customers don’t want to resolve issues on their own without contacting the support reps. According to a study in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community, around 90 percent of customers globally expect companies to offer self-service portals. With a customer portal, customers can find solutions to their problems, giving them a sense of control over their support queries. They can read articles or knowledge bases present on the customer portal to solve their problems. If they fail to find a solution, they can contact the support rep via chat or call without leaving the customer portal. This ensures that the customers get the answer quickly. It also eliminates the time-consuming back and forth discussions over emails.

5. Boosts Web Traffic

Customer portals are also known for driving web traffic. It’s because customers finding the right solution and support on the customer portal will stay longer. As more and more customers stay there for long, your website’s rank in the search engine will improve. You can also allow external customer service experts to write in the forums and share their blogs. This helps the company to save its resources for answering those questions.


Customer portals have become the need of the hour for businesses across the industries. Several top-notch customer portals are available in the market, like SugarCRM customer portal, Salesforce CRM customer portal, and many more. It comes with several benefits, a few of which we already discussed in this article. You can also leverage these benefits for your business with the help of an advanced customer portal.

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