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SugarCRM PHP Training by php|architect

Posted by on March 26, 2013

Not too long ago php|architect announced their spring training schedule. Since we are big on SugarCRM best practices and making great solutions for users we got really excited as it is the most comprehensive training program for SugarCRM developers that we've seen. So we asked php|architect if they could share more about their different series of trainings. Today's post is a summary of view of what developers will learn by taking the courses. Please check them out and if you take one (or all) please share your experience below.

php|architect has developed three training courses designed specifically for SugarCRM developers. Most of Sugar's courses are meant for front-end users of the SugarCRM software. We felt that there was a training gap for the developers who are tasked with modifying the back end of this powerful, but complex software. So, we spent months working in conjunction with SugarCRM staff and core developers to create a series of classes devoted to helping developers understand the recommended best practices for making upgrade-safe customizations to Sugar.

The first in the series is the SugarCRM PHP Essentials course, which covers the basics of PHP and JavaScript. This course is meant for developers who either have not used PHP before or who could use a refresher on the basics. It's based upon our long running PHP Essentials course, but with JavaScript information added to make it more tailored for a SugarCRM developer.

Next in the series is the SugarCRM Developer Basics course. This course starts out looking under the hood at the SugarCRM file structure and base programming methodology. It then moves into relationship handlers, logic hooks, and interacting with Sugar's Web Service API. This course will give you a solid base to get started writing your own customizations for SugarCRM.

The third course in the series is SugarCRM Developer Advanced. This course dives in where SugarCRM Developer Basics leaves off. It teaches developers how to create their own custom modules, interact with the database structure, integrate with external systems, and many more advanced customization techniques.

These courses have been created by developers for developers and are taught by experienced developers. This way they are full of truly beneficial and practical information, presented in the best ways possible to help you make SugarCRM exactly what you need.

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