QuickCRM 5.2 is now available on App Store and Google Play.

New features of the Full version include:

  • Display your Day or Week meetings on a map in the calendar (requires SuiteCRM or JJWG module)
  • Open your favorite navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Navigon, ...) from addresses or maps:
  • On iPhone and iPad, a new option allows you to select the app in Options / General
  • On Android, you can choose which app to open after clicking on the address or direction icon.

QuickCRM: SugarCRM Mobile App

A new version of the server module has also been released:

  • Support of JJWG Markers module
  • Detail View and Edit View can now be designed independently
  • The Web app is aligned with iPad and Android tablet version

To learn more about the QuickCRM mobile app for both SugarCRM and SuiteCRM check out https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/quickcrm.

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