Sometimes waiting till tomorrow is too long. With Kickoff you can run any scheduled task in SugarCRM whenever you want. Need to process bounced emails before everyone heads out at five for the weekend? Done. Does a job run every Wednesday, but you need to process it on Tuesday just this once? Done.

Kickoff Scheduler Jobs

Works With All Editions

Kickoff could not be any more simple unless it could read your mind. It works with every edition of SugarCRM, so whether you’re one Community or Enterprise or even on SugarCRM 7, you can install and use it in under ten mouse clicks. Once you install Kickoff, it can be accessed within your Schedulers list in the SugarCRM Administration panel. From there you can access any of your scheduled tasks and kick them off without having to wait for them to be run when they are normally scheduled. Additionally, since it’s built into the Scheduler, only users who already have certain administrative privileges can run the jobs. No need to set up entirely new permissions for another module!

Also Handy For Developers

Kickoff is also really useful for debugging. If you’re making your own scheduled task you can run it instantly and view the output results as soon as it finishes instead of waiting for it to trigger automatically. This can save developers hours of repetitive clicking in the Administration panel, or typing system commands on the actual web server.

Don’t wait around for your jobs to run if you need them to execute now. Use Kickoff to effortlessly start jobs without fiddling with, tweaking, or messing up their regular schedule. As the developer says, “save 20 hours of your life” by not having to deal with all the nuances in the scheduler!