This is a really interesting solution to a common problem of things falling through the cracks. From a dashboard, list view, specific record, etc you can see every event that has happened with TimeLine Viewer.

Need to drill down and only see specific events? The TimeLine Viewer includes the ability to filter these views to what is most useful for you.

Have specific events that matter to your business? You can define those custom events using the Logic Builder tool so that they are registered and display in the viewer.

Works great with SugarCRM 8.1 for both On Demand and On Premise installs. Purchase for only the users that need it.

Highlevel Overview

It saves time giving the insight into the goings-on of the business by tracking events, which you consider key events, and putting them at your fingertips via special TimeLine views.

Universal View Options

SugarCRM Event Universal View Options

Define Custom Events That Matter

Define Custom SugarCRM Events

Works In Any View

Works In Any SugarCRM View

To learn more about this solution go to TimeLine Viewer or search for "timeline".

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