If you were at SugarCon 2015 you probably saw many people walking around wearing these funny, but cute cat hats. A big thank you goes out to MailChimp who provided these beautifully crocheted cat hats with tongues sticking out. They quickly became the most sought after swag with none remaining by the time all was said and done.

Apparently the story behind those hats became something short of an urban legend as word spread. While all the facts have not yet been verified, it definitely made for an interesting twist.

Moving right along, let’s take a look at some our favorite Cat Hat pics over the past week:

First, here is what they look like up close.

The #SugarSelfie ladies got the cat hat party started!

It looks like Clint forgot his hat!

They were flying off our shelves!

The king of #SugarSelfies even donned one.

The team from USAgain looking great in their hats.

SugarCRM’s inside sales team even got in on the action.

Both adults and kids loved them!

You couldn’t walk around SugarCon without seeing them pop up somewhere. Like during the booth prize game:

Or at #Uncon…

Hey @kclumlung, there is no such thing as too much fun when you have a @MailChimp cat hat on!

Weird Al’s spin on the popular All About That Bass song…

The never before seen Beastie Boys cover.

We even got in on the fun with one of our partners.

Epicom was spotted everywhere with these on. Uncon, App Throwdown, and even at the airport!

Thanks @MailChimp! The cat hat pics keep rolling in…

My family had to strike a pose with the infamous cat hats.

In the it's-never-too-late category here is W-Systems with a great pic:

Thank you MailChimp for the fun hats and thank you everyone at SugarCon! Not only was it a fun event, it was exciting to hear how everyone is using MailChimp with SugarCRM for their email marketing automation. Along with that, how everyone is using SugarOutfitters. It is truly energizing and we look forward to continuing to serve you all!

Jason Eggers
Co-founder & CEO, SugarOutfitters

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